I'm Leonardo, 21, brazilian.
I'll play any game I put my hands on. I also like comics and watch some anime. Basically your everyday nerd.
I like to draw, I used to have an art blog but it's dead, now I only have a #myart tag.
Also secretly a k-popper (not THAT secretly).


I hate girls with short hai…

Never mind sweet lord have mercy on my soul


What is it about being in ur 20s that gives this sense of absolute panic at a lack of achievements and this heavy pressure to achieve something before you’re 30 because like I can’t stop thinking about where I am at almost 22 and I’m like constantly about to throw up probably. Adulthood, fun but also sexy?

What are you saying? My life has plenty of achievements


things to say during sex:

  • *deep serious tone* fullmetal alchemist
  • *happy uplifting tone* fullmetal alchemist!
  • *deadpan; this is a serious part* fullmetal alchemist


Roxas’ face model evolution over the years. The change between KH2 and final mix is most noticable, but it seems they tweaked his face a bit more for the HD release!