Dream Drop Distance

I'm Leonardo, 21, brazilian.
I'll play any game you give me, and will probably complete it and get a platinum trophy. I also like comic heroes (but for some reason I don't read them) and watch some anime.
I like to draw, I used to have an art blog but it's dead.
Also secretly a k-poper.

The Skies Above from the Black Mages is the funniest music ever because it starts with a sad tune of “To Zanarkand”, then it transitions to a hardcore metal, to a guy singing opera and finally back to To Zanarkand but awesomely remixed


Armin is done with your shit, while Annie has none to give.

I had to do this one because the amount sass was incredible. I want to become this screenshot somehow.

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what’s really funny about this is that granny’s hand like “gosh Tom pls let me touch your ears”

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