I'm Leonardo, 21, brazilian.
I'll play any game I put my hands on. I also like comics (but for some reason I don't read them) and watch some anime. Basically your everyday nerd.
I like to draw, I used to have an art blog but it's dead.
Also secretly a k-popper (not THAT secretly).


When are they gonna add the “share screenshot to Tumblr” feature to the PS4?

Speaking at the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain preview event in Cologne, Kojima said, “Originally, we [Guillermo del Toro and I] were aiming to make a game that will make you pee your pants. But we changed our mind. Now, we’re making a game that will make you sh*t your pants.”

But there is a limit to how scary you can make a horror game, Kojima said. Unlike movies or attractions, where you can close your eyes and wait for the horror to pass, you can’t do that in video games, which might cause some people to stop playing. This can be concerning. But Kojima doesn’t care, they’re doing it anyway.

“The limited edition will probably include a pair of trousers,” Kojima joked.

Apparently Kojima indeed said these things


Just imagine the Infamous games exactly like they are, except that Delsin/Cole decide they want to keep their identities a secret so they create a hero/villain costume

Hanamonogatari episode 1 has been subbed

best monday of the year